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Safetip #57: Mobility for Lockout/Tagout Participation Accountability

November 30, 2016 By
This week’s Safetip is about Lockout/Tagout (LOTO) and the use of mobile devices to provide accountability for participation in a LOTO program. During maintenance or servicing work, LOTO is used to make sure that machines are properly shut off and not able to be unexpectedly started up again or release stored energy.

Mobility Helps to Provide Proof of Participation in a LOTO Program

LOTO procedures are needed for each machine or equipment. Mobile devices (smartphones, tablets) can be used to improve access to machine-specific LOTO procedures. According to an article in EHS Today, direct and immediate access to electronically-stored LOTO procedures is better than searching through binders of information, or flipping through pages of written procedures hanging from machines.

The same EHS Today article also makes the case that, once a procedure is accessed on a mobile device, the user can be prompted to acknowledge that the energy source has been successfully isolated and secured with the appropriate lockout devices. Each step can be time-and-date stamped with the name of the authorized worker applying the lockout. This results in records showing:

  • Lockout activity by personnel.
  • LOTO activity log on a per-machine basis.
  • Time of lockout on a per-machine basis.
  • Real-time notification of lockout activity for facility administrators and managers.

This accountability provides proof of compliant participation in the LOTO program and is used as evidence of failure to participate in the event of an incident, the EHS Today article says.

Leverage Mobility for Inspections

Mobility can be a powerful tool to perform all kinds of inspections, in addition to those related to LOTO, as part of an effort to ensure compliance with regulations and improve safety. Using checklists based on regulatory requirements or company procedures, inspections can be completed online or offline. A mobile-enabled worker can record inspection observations and comments in the field, and attach images or videos to inspections. If inspections are conducted offline using Enablon Go Inspection, they can be synchronized with the Enablon platform once the worker is back online.

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