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5 Ways You Will Acquire Valuable Insights at SPF Americas 2016

September 15, 2016 By
SPF Americas 2016 is less than three weeks away. The event is already on course to see an attendance comprised of more than 500 EHS, Risk, Sustainability and IT experts, and is on its way to see an increase in participants compared to last year’s edition. Moreover, this edition of SPF will feature the highest number of industry subject-matter experts with speaking roles.

SPF Americas is the final stop in our global SPF Series in 2016. We started in Sydney, Australia, and continued to Houston, Paris and Calgary, to finally bring the SPF series to Chicago. There are plenty of compelling reasons why you should attend SPF Americas this year. In this post, we highlight five reasons in particular why you will acquire valuable insights at SPF Americas 2016.

1) Industry Analysts Will Share Their Knowledge

Independent industry analysts provide an unbiased view of what is happening in the market. If you want to know more about the EHS, Risk and Sustainability trends affecting your organization and your peers today, and the ones to look for in the future, there is no greater source of knowledge than industry analysts, and SPF Americas 2016 will give a prominent role to leading analysts. Top industry analysts from LNS Research, Forrester Research and Verdantix will be present to answer your questions, participate in sessions and moderate Industry Roundtables. In addition, they will share exclusive research-based findings and market analysis. SPF Americas will provide key insights that you will be able to take to your colleagues and spread throughout your organization.

2) Industry Associations Will Provide Best Practices

While industry analysts provide you with key trends and insights, industry associations also represent an incredible source of knowledge by providing concrete and actionable recommendations to address today’s challenges. SPF Americas will feature speakers and participation from top industry associations, including the National Safety Council (NSC), the National Association of Environmental Management (NAEM) and the Air & Waste Management Association (AWMA). By combining the insights from industry analysts, and tips and best practices from industry associations, you will be able to bring knowledge to your organization that will have a transformative effect and improve performance.

3) Global Corporations Will Share Their Experiences

What do companies like PepsiCo, Cargill, Mondelez, Tenneco, Lend Lease, Enbridge and Micron Technology have in common? First, they are all leaders in their respective industries. Second, they all use technology to improve business performance and processes. These organizations will be among those that will share their experiences with leveraging software solutions to enhance EHS, Risk management or Sustainability performance. If you have already invested in a software solution, or are seriously considering an investment, SPF Americas will provide you an opportunity to hear about lessons learned and practical recommendations from corporate leaders that were once in your exact same position.

4) Roundtables Will Focus on Unique Industry Challenges

Each industry is unique, with its own unique set of challenges, which is why SPF Americas will feature industry roundtables, for the third year in a row. Roundtables on a dozen different industries will provide attendees an opportunity to network with professionals and thought-leaders from leading organizations in their industry, discuss common issues and challenges, and share knowledge. The industry roundtables will offer insights from peers on trends affecting your industry, and allow you to exchange industry-specific best practices and lessons learned. After leaving SPF Americas, you will not only be armed with knowledge shared by analysts, industry associations and leading global firms, but also by members of your industry experiencing the same pains and challenges as your organization.

5) Eight Different Tracks Will Offer a Great Choice of Sessions

Just as not all industries are the same, similarly not all attendees are the same. Some attendees have more of a safety profile, while others are more from a compliance, risk, environmental, product stewardship or technology background. Since attendees come from a great variety of backgrounds, the program of SPF Americas is designed to address the unique preferences of each category of attendees. Not only are there eight distinct tracks, but most tracks will feature: 1) a session on issues and trends specific to that domain, 2) a solution deep dive and live demo, 3) a customer case study, and 4) a product roadmap discussion. Thus SPF Americas will help you improve your professional knowledge and perform your day-to-day tasks more effectively.

There are many more reasons why you will really like SPF Americas 2016, including: 1) user groups, 2) training, 3) opportunities to connect with Enablon experts and partners (implementation experts, consulting firms and regulatory content providers) such as ERM, CH2M, EY, 3E Company, E2 ManageTech, Standard Model Partners and more, and 4) a chance to have fun in Chicago, including a gala dinner at the world-renowned Field Museum. Register today and book your spot:

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