How to Thrive in an Evolving EHS Landscape

December 7, 2015 By

In today’s world, EHS goes beyond compliance. As a key organizational pillar in most corporations, EHS departments are not only concerned with ensuring occupational health and safety, maintaining appropriate environmental protection standards, and reducing operational risks; They are also responsible for driving operational excellence while reducing costs and streamlining business processes.

The pressure for companies to respond to the demands of internal and external stakeholders in an increasingly demanding context also means that today’s stakeholders are concerned with matters that go beyond overall social responsibility. Increasingly so, stakeholders are seeking to engage, to participate and to understand the finer details (through reports, specific data, KPIs…) of how exactly a company is able to reduce and manage its environmental impacts while maintaining normal operating conditions.

In a context of closely monitored yet uncertain global environmental conditions, businesses must also be ready to respond to higher volumes of new and increasingly restrictive laws, standards and regulations (it’s worth remembering that the specific impacts on business of the Paris climate deal are yet to be known).

As a result, while the role of the EHS manager is also evolving and becoming more complex, interdisciplinary and holistic, rising to the occasion and meeting the unique EHS challenges of the coming decades also offers a valuable opportunity to thrive and grow by pioneering new approaches.

As an EHS professional, if you’re ready to learn more about best practices, actionable recommendations for a successful EHS program, and tips on how to thrive in your EHS role in 2016, on Wednesday, Dec 9 at 2pm EST / 1pm CST we’ll be holding a free Webinar in partnership with CH2M and RegScan: The Changing Role of Today’s EHS Managers & Tactics to Thrive in 2016’.

By looking at the wider picture of the changing role of today’s EHS manager, this webinar will explore the following topics:

  • How the EHS Manager’s role is evolving and key EHS pain points
  • Strategic recommendations, tools and tactics to manage today’s EHS challenges
  • How to leverage data management for a successful EHS program
  • Applicable best practices from EHS managers to succeed in your role

Ned Ertel, President and CEO of RegScan, will focus on the regulatory climate and the ongoing cultural shift we’re seeing with regard to the value of EHS as a business model.

JR VanOrder, Global Practice Director at CH2M, will talk about the EHS Manager’s growing strategic role and what it means for the job.

Last but not least, Noelle Harvey, Senior Product Manager at Enablon, will explain how integrated software systems support the journey to operational excellence. She will also dive into how data mining and analysis can lead to better decision-making, based on best practices shared by EHS Managers who have already been leveraging EHS systems to drive enterprise-wide improvements.

Are you ready to thrive in 2016?

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