Hope for COP21: 12 Indicators Proving Business Is Ready To Tackle Climate Change

November 30, 2015 By
Here we go! After months of preparation and pre-negotiations, the 21st UN Climate Conference of Paris has finally started!

As a major business actor in Climate Change and Technology, Enablon would like to give you an overview of how businesses are understanding global warming risks and opportunities, and fighting to reduce their GHG emissions. We’ll be sharing one insightful KPI a day on Social Media throughout the entire conference, but for those of you who’d like a full overview now, here are the 12 indicators we picked:

COP21 Series 1

COP21 Series 2

COP21 Series 3

COP21 Series 4

COP21 Series 5

COP21 Series 6

COP21 Series 7

COP21 Series 8

COP21 Series 9

COP21 Series 10

COP21 Series 11

COP21 Series 12

If you’re inspired to learn more about what the COP21 means for business, we’ll be holding an exclusive Webinar in partnership with Greenbiz on Tuesday, Dec 15 at 1pm ET: Why Tackling Climate Change is Good for Business. Among other topics, the webinar will look into how climate change is impacting business, how businesses can transform the constraints of climate change into a source of growth and opportunity, and how corporations can drive positive change through the right climate change mitigation strategies.

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