How SPF Can Increase Your Sustainability, EHS & Risk Knowledge

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We’re only days away from kicking off the 2015 SPF Americas conference. Our amazing venue is ready, the logistics are finalized and our speakers, experts and facilitators are already heading towards the ‘Windy City’. But what are the key insights you can gain from attending the event? Whether your background is in Sustainability, EH&S or Risk Management, you’ll walk away with plenty of directly applicable knowledge to keep growing and learning in your professional life.

To begin with, attending SPF Americas means you’ll be joining 500 EH&S, Sustainability, Risk and IT professionals from the world’s largest corporations in a thought-provoking environment, designed to share best practices, discover new trends, exchange with your peers and interact as part of a fast-growing community. With over 50 sessions taking place across 5 different tracks and a wide range of networking opportunities, here are 4 ways SPF Americas will help you grow professionally:

Break silos during the Keynote Panels

The keynote panels will focus on what it means to go beyond resilience and grow in today’s interconnected world. We know challenges rarely arise in an isolated context and for this reason we’re bringing together five business leaders with diverse backgrounds and professional journeys to help you explore the links between EH&S, Operational Excellence, Financial Performance and Sustainability.

Members of the panel include:

  • Rachel Degenhardt, Head of Global Services and Corporate Standards Forum Lead, Enhesa
  • Scott Nadler, Senior Partner, ERM
  • Christopher McClean, Principal Analyst & Research Director, Forrester Research
  • Pat Taylor-Woodyard, Senior VP-Global Industrials Strategy and Sales Director, CH2M
  • Anna Clark, President, EarthPeople Media, Panel Moderator

Take an in-depth look at business leaders’ journeys through Customer Case Studies

The agenda for SPF closes in on processes and technology just as much as it focuses on people. During our case study sessions, existing customers will dive into how they use and leverage their Enablon software solution to solve their professional challenges. You can use this opportunity to take notes, ask questions and reflect on both the lessons learned and results obtained by peers who have successfully managed wide processes of change and migrated towards the Enablon platform.

Focus on a global challenge and learn from a world-class expert during a Masterclass

Professional growth is a life-long process. Staying up to date and learning from the best can give you the competitive advantage you will need to set yourself apart and thrive in today’s business context. Our expert-led Masterclass sessions will dive into key challenges around Environmental Compliance, Health and Safety Management, and Chemicals & Process Safety. The Masterclasses are your chance to resolve complex questions and gain knowledge on the latest trends and developments in your area of focus, including relevant upcoming regulations and updates.

Explore industry issues with your peers during Industry Roundtables

Our Industry Roundtables provide the perfect context for open debate and the exchange of best practices among peers. They will give you the chance to network with forward-thinking leaders from the biggest and brightest organizations in your industry, to discuss common issues and challenges, as well as to identify the top industry needs that you would like to see Enablon address. Industry Roundtables will give you the chance to:

  • Gain peer insight on trends affecting your industry
  • Exchange industry-specific best practices and learn how to use the Enablon Platform to address them
  • Provide input for future product enhancements that are important for your industry

If you’re ready to join us in Chicago for a value-packed experience, it’s not too late: Register here!

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