Sustainability & ESG Reporting Software

Automate the collection, consolidation and management of data in order to monitor and track key metrics around corporate social responsibility (CSR), ESG (Environmental, Social and corporate Governance) and environmental performance. Create ESG, sustainability, and other reports to improve communications with stakeholders and show greater transparency.

Track and report sustainability and CSR data

Organizations must highlight their social and environmental performance, and adherence to CSR & ESG principles. Stakeholders, including investors, customers, rating agencies, NGOs, and the public, are all evaluating companies using non-financial criteria. Sustainability performance and CSR & ESG data is becoming an important part of corporate reports. The Enablon Sustainability & ESG Reporting software application collects and manages social and environmental data, and generates reports.

Simplify data collection and reporting

Automate and centralize the collection and tracking of data across the enterprise. Ensure data quality and validate data through consistency checks. Create reports in just a few steps, and based on the latest standards, such as GRI and CDP.

Enhance sustainability performance

Set social and environmental performance targets and monitor progress. Track sustainability performance at corporate, business unit, geographic and facility levels. Reduce reputational risks and ensure compliance with regulations.

Improve stakeholder engagement

Tailor and personalize communications and reports to the specific needs of each stakeholder. Adhere to a high standard of transparency and accountability regarding your social and environmental impacts.

Other Applications

Enablon offers a large set of applications to manage operational risks, ensure compliance, improve performance and engage with stakeholders. Find the ones that fit your needs.

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