Simultaneous Operations Software

Manage hazardous work safely by using Simultaneous Operations (SIMOPs). It will show a real-time overview of risk levels, an early warning of any increased risk level, based on predictive analysis and advice to the employee on how to respond. The software performs an overall monitoring and gives feedback to the management.

Integrated Simultaneous Operations Feature

The execution of several hazardous activities at the same time, like confined space entry and hot work spark potential, can cause dangerous situations. Each potential conflict needs to be assessed by the Issuing Authority based on distance between the planned jobs to avoid conflicting simultaneous operations. The SIMOPS feature ensures work is scoped, risk is analyzed and the process is predictable, safe and efficient.


Be aware of all real-time increased risk levels and prevent accidents and incidents due to simultaneous operations.


Avoid conflicting activities on the field and increase efficiency and Hands on Tool Time.


Easy to use from front line to management with an interface and workflows built for optimal adoption. Available on desktop, tablet or mobile.

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