Safety Observations (BBS) Management Software

Foster a safety culture and improve employee engagement by having workers easily report at-risk and unsafe behaviors and conditions. Capture observations, online or offline, and analyze them. Support a Behavior-Based Safety (BBS) program through the proper software and mobile tools.

Identify hazards and risks by analyzing observations

At-risk and unsafe behaviors and conditions help to identify potential hazards and risks. They need to be easily captured and analyzed. However, most companies use manual processes or customized systems as standalone solutions with no coherent, overall view of all information. The Enablon Safety Observations Management software application is a user-friendly and mobile-enabled solution used to easily capture behaviors and conditions.

Strengthen the safety culture

In addition to at-risk behaviours and conditions, encourage reporting of positive observations and observation with the intuitive Enablon Go app and strengthen your safety culture. With a native app, employees and contractors can report observations from anywhere at anytime, online or offline.

Improve safety continuously

Identify hazards and risks by analyzing at-risk and unsafe behaviors and conditions. Streamline data analysis to effectively detect behavior trends and trigger corrective action plans. Drive positive behavioral changes in the workforce.

More efficient operations and processes

Launch corrective action plans and assign tasks directly from the mobile app to address issues requiring immediate attention. Gain insights with dashboards and reports on real-time data.Enhance collaboration through alerts and reminders.

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