Safety Management Software

Enablon Safety Management Software is a suite of user-friendly and mobile-enabled applications that help organizations improve the safety culture and protect the workforce across the enterprise.

In today’s work environment, companies must ensure the safety of workers and assets by reducing incidents, identifying and mitigating safety risks, and complying with occupational safety regulations, all while controlling costs. A safety program must evolve from a reactive one to a proactive one that predicts the next incidents that are the most likely to occur, and where corrective and preventive measures are put in place to improve safety.

Enablon Safety Management Software collects and analyzes data, including real-time field data collected through mobile devices, to identify occupational hazards that create risks for injuries and illnesses. The software solution helps transform organizations by embarking them on a path leading to safety excellence.

Nurture and Improve the Safety Culture

  • Foster a safety culture by encouraging workers to report incidents, near misses and observations
  • Implement preventive actions effectively to avoid future incidents
  • Quickly notify about incidents and send safety alerts in real-time
  • Improve collaboration by sharing safety information and risk assessments

Mitigate Occupational Safety Risks

  • Analyze all incidents throughout the enterprise to identify high-risk areas
  • Control occupational hazards to reduce risks of incidents
  • Identify and proactively address at-risk behaviors
  • Correct and eliminate unsafe conditions

Ensure Regulatory Compliance

  • Successfully meet regulatory requirements from multiple jurisdictions around the world
  • Easily gather and report on information requested by regulatory authorities, at any time
  • Prepare for audits by documenting compliance

Streamline Data Capture and Analysis

  • Identify safety trends and patterns
  • Capture data directly in the field and in real-time through mobile devices
  • Use predictive analytics to get actionable insights from the data
  • Identify the root causes of incidents

The Enablon Safety Management Software solution offers the following functionalities:

  • Tracking, reporting, investigation and analysis of events, incidents, and near misses
  • Capture and analyze of observations on at-risk and unsafe behaviors and conditions
  • Data capture through mobile devices, online or offline
  • Creation of official regulatory documents (OSHA 301, 300, 300A, etc.)
  • Compliance with regulations and standards (OSHA, OHSAS 18001, RIDDOR, WCB, etc.)
  • Identification, assessment and mitigation of operational risks
  • Identification and analysis of workplace hazards
  • Scheduling, completion and updates of job safety analyses / job hazard analyses
  • Standardized, streamlined and centralized process hazard analyses
  • Management of corrective and preventive action plans, and tasks
  • Secure and centralized storage of safety documents in different formats
  • Tracking and management of contractors and incidents involving contractors
  • Management of employee training programs
  • Full data traceability and auditability
  • Full audit trails on incidents, investigations and associated action plans and tasks
  • Reports for common safety KPIs and objectives
  • Dashboards and e-mail notifications to facilitate collaboration

The Enablon Difference

  • The most comprehensive platform for Sustainability, EHS and Risk Management
  • Used by more than 1 million users in 160 countries across all industries
  • Recognized by industry analysts across all product areas
  • Accessible anywhere, anytime on laptops, tablets and smartphones
  • A complete range of usage options, from SaaS to hosted and on-premises
  • A flexible technology which can be tailored to each company’s processes and organization
  • A global network of partners providing consulting, services, content and technology