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Today, ensuring visibility and effective management over increasing internal and external risks, (including operational, financial, brand and strategic risks) while maintaining the ability to achieve key objectives, is a high priority for organizations. Providing pertinent risk information is an equally essential step towards ensuring informed strategic decision-making and efficient resource allocation.

More stringent regulations, frameworks (e.g. Sarbanes-Oxley, Basel II, Solvency II, COBIT, COSO, SOX), combined with an increasingly uncertain business environment, also implies that the analysis, monitoring, and treatment of risk is at the core of a resilient organization.

Whether a company is focused on building a Governance Risk and Compliance (GRC), Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) or Operational Risk Management (ORM) system, ensuring the identification, documentation and assessment of risks, appropriate control management, in addition to implementation and remediation plans, are key needs which can be addressed with Enablon’s Risk Management software.

As an integrated solution for risk identification, assessment and reduction, Enablon’s Risk Management Software covers the entire risk management cycle.

The solution enables companies to implement “top-down” and “bottom-up” risk management approaches according to their particular organization, practices and methodologies.

Address the full risk management cycle

Manage risks through the life cycle using Enablon’s flexible and integrated platform, designed to support a global, company-wide approach to risk management, from setting the organizational context to reporting.

Treat and monitor risks

Treat risks using scenario analysis and actions plans. Monitor risks with risk indicators and automated reporting.

Controls are Key

Use the flexible assessment methodologies (e.g. bowtie) to identify and rate controls, including critical controls and visualize how risks could be caused and their potential consequences.

Ensure cost and resource-efficient monitoring, reporting and decision-making

Monitor risks at any level of the organization, automatically generate reports and use off-the-shelf reporting templates to achieve a company-wide overview of risks.

Manage risks throughout the life cycle using a flexible and integrated platform

  • Comply with the ISO 31000 standard to manage risks across the company.
  • Manage risks with a centralized and common risk database.
  • Cover all risk management activities from risk identification to reporting.
  • Integrate natively with other applications within your Enablon platform to leverage signals and data from other business areas and improve risk identification and monitoring.
  • Use multiple evaluation methodologies and aggregate risks for a global view of your risk portfolio.
  • Use centralized action plans to manage actions.
  • Enrich your risk reporting with Enablon master data, including projects, stakeholders, processes, regulatory context, etc.
  • Conduct risk assessments through flexible methodologies.

Ensure effective monitoring, reporting and decision-making

  • Monitor risk management actions at any management level.
  • Aggregate risk information from different entities to automatically generate reports or create them through ad-hoc queries.
  • Use off the shelf reporting templates, including templates for risk mapping, treatment analysis and portfolio assessment.
  • Gain instant visibility on high-level risks through matrix and bubble chart reports.
  • Aggregate financial impacts and risk & opportunity treatment costs.
  • Achieve a company-wide overview of key risks through consolidated risk rating reporting, while enabling strong granularity thanks to evaluation methods configured by risk category.

Treat risks and reduce potential impacts

  • Assess different risks differently thanks to the solution’s flexible risk evaluation methodologies, (including qualitative and quantitative risk assessments).
  • Categorize risks as threats or opportunities, in order to assess them differently and report on them separately.
  • Conduct a comparative analysis of the costs and benefits from risk treatment. Identify top risks and opportunities to prioritize corrective and preventive actions (CAPAs) thanks to comprehensive aggregation reports.

Increase Risk Identification Control Workflows

  • Easily identify and capture risk information using the interview process.
  • Enhance your visibility over risk assessment progress through campaign evaluations.
  • Support bottom-up risk management processes through risk assessment campaigns, facilitated risk identification and analysis, and owner-validated risk flows.
  • Mix different risk management approaches (top-down, bottom-up), to facilitate risk identification and analysis.
  • Associate risks to specific controls, in order to analyze different applicable controls and rate the effectiveness of control.

The Enablon Difference

  • The most comprehensive platform for Sustainability, EHS and Risk Management
  • Used by more than 1 million users in 160 countries across all industries
  • Recognized by industry analysts across all product areas
  • Accessible anywhere, anytime on laptops, tablets and smartphones
  • A complete range of usage options, from SaaS to hosted and on-premises
  • A flexible technology which can be tailored to each company’s processes and organization
  • A global network of partners providing consulting, services, content and technology

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