Permit to Work Software

Fully connected Permit to Work software, combining industry-leading PTW with Risk Assessments and easily scalable across global and local enterprises. Easy to integrate with Isolation Management, Non-Permitted Work, Registers, SIMOPS, bidirectional with any MMS system and many other advanced expansions within Control of Work.

Integrated Permit To Work & Risk Assessment Application

Executing business critical maintenance on your plant, especially during daily operation, leads to complex risks, and can potentially jeopardize business continuity or result in incidents, personal injuries or even fatalities. A proper work preparation and rigid permit to work process minimizes risk and ensures safe work execution, while increasing efficiency and effectiveness. Integration with real time plant information and MMS systems leads to additional efficiencies, and enhances critical decision making. 

Safety and efficiency go hand in hand

Reduce the risk of accidents and incidents, prevent unplanned shutdowns and shorten your Turnarounds. Increase your Hands on Tool Time and plant uptime results in significant cost savings and increase in revenues and profitability at the same time. Clients experience a payback period within one year.


The Control of Work solution can interface with numerous external systems, including MMS (e.g., SAP, Maximo), DMS and DCS, real-time plant information systems like OSIsoft, and planning systems including Oracle Primavera.

Compliance, traceable and auditable

Ensures all your staff to follow the correct Permit to Work and Isolation Management processes and procedures, ensuring all elements of work are examined and assessed for maximum safety and efficiency. All workflow steps and signatures are traceable and auditable.

Modular and expandable

Permit Vision can be configured with various useful modules, including Isolation Management, Mobility, Non-Permitted Work, Shutdown & Turnaround, interactive P&ID (iDiagrams), Registers, and more, leading the way towards a fully digital plant.

Multi-industry Best Practices

The system contains all the best practices from Oil & Gas, Chemical and Pharmaceutical industry leaders, and is easily configurable for capital intensive industries like Mining, Utilities, Manufacturing and High-Tech & Electronics.

Digital Twins and Global Oversight

Monitor your assets world-wide through real-time graphical overviews with integrated conflict detection. Integrated KPI dashboards for Global oversight. Easily expandable with modules like GIS Visualization and SIMOPs.

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Other Applications & Features within the Control of Work Solution

Enablon offers a large set of applications to manage operational risks, ensure compliance, improve performance and engage with stakeholders. Find the ones that fit your needs.

Enablon GO - Permits

With Enablon Go – Permits,  improve your operational efficiency, reduce risks, and save valuable time while performing critical tasks from anywhere and at any time.

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