Operational Risk Assessment Software

To manage a hazardous operation in day-to-day activities, sites will need to have an effective risk management program in place to ensure the safety of assets. Enablon’s Operational Risk Assessment keeps track of and manages the overall cumulative risk profile of the installation, and ensures that correct mitigations are in place.

Integrated Operational Risk Assessment Feature

The inclusion of ORA is essential to the safety of facilities and needs input from staff at all levels when making decisions. Site Operations, Maintenance and Senior Management all need to have a valid input to identify all possible failure options and
decide on suitable and sufficient controls to mitigate the effects of reduced safety measures or a higher risk environment.

Company-wide Risk

Apply company-wide risk likelihood standards and ensure thorough analysis of the equipment through team collaboration.

Graphical Overview

Graphical overview of all barriers by Integration with Heat Maps and Barrier Management and Real-time insight with Control of Work integration.

Risk Assessment Process

Guiding operational risk assessment process via risk register and quantify risk through an objective measure.

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Other Applications & Features within the Barrier Management Solution

Enablon offers a large set of applications to manage operational risks, ensure compliance, improve performance and engage with stakeholders. Find the ones that fit your needs.

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