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Empower and Protect Workers with Enablon Go Safety

Workers in many industries face occupational hazards and risks of incidents on a daily basis in the field or in remote locations. Risks of incidents are reduced when the safety culture is improved by encouraging workers to report information that can prevent the next incident. To achieve this, workers must be empowered to capture and report events, observations, incidents and near misses, in the field and in an intuitive way with just a few taps, online or offline.

The safety culture also improves when the workforce is better protected by receiving real-time alerts and notifications when an incident occurs. Workers must be advised about the locations to avoid, actions to take, or protective measures to apply immediately.

Mobile Safety Software

Enablon Go Safety is a native mobile app that allows workers to report events, and sends safety alerts and notifications in real-time

Mobile Safety App
Enablon Go Safety offers the following functionalities:

  • Report incidents, observations and at-risk behavior in the field
  • Describe events hands-free through speech-to-text feature
  • Get safety alerts and notifications in real-time
  • Access up-to-date information and documentation from anywhere
  • Assign tasks and action items
  • Get notifications for new assigned tasks, and close tasks
  • Attach media files (images, videos, audio files)
  • Work online or offline

Foster a safety culture and improve safety performance by empowering your workforce

Thousands of EHS managers and workers in the field use Enablon Go Safety, experiencing key benefits across the board, including:

Safety Performance Improvements

  • Capture critical data on incidents
  • Promote a safety culture by facilitating reporting
  • Enhance the quality of safety data through media
  • Increase the effectiveness of action plans, accessible by workers on their devices

Better Protection of Workers

  • Immediately notify and alert workers when there is an incident
  • Provide quick access to key safety documentation (e.g. SDSs)
  • Reduce risks of incidents by advising workers about protective measures
  • Identify new workplace hazards
Mobile Safety Worker


Learn how Lendlease has achieved dramatic safety improvements in only a few months


“By saving 30 minutes per foreman per day, 6 days a week over 400 construction sites in Lendlease, we were able to reallocate a huge amount of time to focus on Safety in the field.”

— David Rose, Group EH&S Technology Systems Manager, Lendlease

Lendlease case study

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