Internal Audit Management Software

Achieve your corporate goals through independent and objective assurance activities. Improve risk management processes and strengthen all three lines of defense through effective internal audit. Properly plan and prioritize internal audits and the time and tasks of internal auditors.

Automate, centralize and improve internal audit

A lot of data and evidence is required in an internal audit process. Also, large scale, multiple-site or global operations can increase complexity. Prioritization is difficult when resources are limited, and decentralized documentation makes it harder for audit teams to work efficiently. The Enablon Internal Audit software application allows the structured and centralized management and execution of internal audit procedures, while streamlining data access.

Better plan internal audits

Use risk-based planning and quickly leverage past data on audits, incidents, risks and controls to prioritize what should be audited. Build yearly or multi-year audit plans easily. See which auditors are available with the required competency.

Increase the productivity of internal auditors

Centralize processes and data, execute audits and review data with work programs that can be defined by audit teams and re-used with or without changes in other audits. Work offline with populated templates.

Improve communication and collaboration

Quickly generate pre-defined, easy-to-understand audit reports suitable for communicating with senior management or the Board of Directors. Easily collaborate with auditees to ensure audits recommendations agreement and implementation.

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