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Within the context of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), many companies have implemented initiatives programs such as philanthropy actions and community involvement programs. Through these programs, companies invest corporate assets – which can be money, employee time or in-kind donations – in global as well as local community initiatives. Recent studies* have shown that companies today lack a global overview of their initiatives and their donations to the communities in which they operate. They often rely on informal exchanges at the local level rather than a systematic structured reporting process. To reap the benefits of their initiatives programs, companies need better visibility into their community efforts which will lead to efficient control of how corporate assets are invested at both the local and global levels. * Ernst & Young – “Implementing a CSR approach” Report– February 2008

Enablon’s Initiatives and Donations Management software solution covers the entire initiatives and donations management cycle.

Track and monitor initiatives & donations

Enablon Initiatives & Donations Management allows companies to centrally track and monitor detailed information regarding local initiatives:

  • Description of the project
  • Organizations involved
  • Investment (type, amount…)
  • Community benefits (qualitative and quantitative)
  • Business benefits (qualitative and quantitative)
  • Long term impact follow-up

Report and analyze at the global level

In a few clicks the solution reveals the corporate investment breakdown between:

  • Main areas of involvement (education, disaster relief…)
  • Motivation for contribution (charitable gifts, commercial initiatives, community investment…)
  • Geographical breakdown (by country, region…)
  • Leverage impact

Enablon’s Initiatives & Donations Management software is a comprehensive solution that helps companies report, assess and manage their corporate community involvement.

The solution can be tailored to companies’ specific analysis criteria. Enablon Initiatives & Donations Management includes the following functionalities:

  • Corporate program definition
  • Initiatives reporting at a local level
  • Investment monitoring (cash, staff time, in-kind…)
  • Information regarding partnerships (NGOs, Foundations…)
  • Business and community benefits analysis
  • Compiled reporting at the corporate level
Enablon solutions are certified by the Global Reporting Initiative


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