Field Operations Software

Enablon’s innovative Field Operations tool allows you to be more productive, better prepared and better informed every day. This advanced SaaS-enabled Shift Management solution has been designed from the ground up with usability and integration in mind. Field Operations enables you to log shift data, share information and monitor processes with ease, ensuring optimal control and visibility within your shifts. Accessible anywhere, at any time.

Integrated, SaaS-ready Shift Management Solution

Incidents and accidents occur because of failure to communicate important events and ongoing maintenance during and across shifts. Lack of overview and ineffective coordination lead to unsafe situations. Unlike paper logs, unclear spreadsheets and multiple databases, Field Operations software provides flawless capturing, accessing and analyzing information in a structured and user-friendly way. It facilitates a logbook and handover centric approach that fosters collaboration, creating a workforce that is aware, effective and up-to-date.

Out-of-the-box & Efficient

Handovers and registration of events are consistently structured and uniform across your organisation, on business unit, site or organisational level. Predefined templates, quick-adding & editing of logbook entries, and Instant Search increase efficiency.

Fully Connected

Field Operations allows full integration with external systems, including Maintenance Management Systems (MMS) and Plant Information tools (PI, as well as with other Vision Platform solutions including Control of Work and Barrier Management, enabling effortless shift management.


Increase awareness and alignment across parties by sharing essential shift information between logbooks with a single click. Reduce errors through automatic external systems event registration, enriching the information available in logbooks and handovers.

Easy expandable

Logbook & Handover Management, the core of Field Operations, is easy expandable with Operational KPIs (dashboards), Digital Procedures (Templates and Configurable Forms), and Operator Rounds (available in 2021).

Industry leading

Overcome the challenges of disconnected or paper-based shift management. Enablon’s extensive experience in hazardous industries software has resulted in a solution that fully encompasses your requirements, both at the front-line and on a management level.

Communication & Insight

Clear insight into shift and crew handover reports for all stakeholders, operations, engineering, maintenance and management. Prioritised insights into shift events, streamlining the decision-making and reporting process.

Operator Rounds

Schedule your routine activities, reduce human errors and save time by connecting people, assets and systems with Operator Rounds.

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