Dynamic BowTie Software

The Dynamic BowTie enables you for the first time to get insight into the real-time status of your major accident hazards. The easy-to-use interface allows you to drill down into the individual scenarios that require attention and to take action to manage the cumulative risk before it results in an incident.

Integrated Dynamic BowTie Feature

Dynamic BowTie with near real-time status of the barriers that manage the major hazards on the facility, allows staff to take action and prevent a major incident before the holes in the barrier line-up. Combined with the Cumulative Risk Heat Map and the integration with Control of Work, process safety management is really integrated in day-to-day operations and operationalized for the first time.

Hazard Awareness

Increased awareness of Major Hazard scenarios and the barriers in place to manage them.

Manage Barrier Health

Managing barrier health and cumulative risk as part of your daily operations.

Monitoring your assets

Operationalizing your Process Safety Management, monitor your assets through real-time graphical overviews with integrated conflict detection.

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Other Applications & Features within the Barrier Management Solution

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