Digital Procedures Software

Gather information from the field in a consistent and structured way, using forms to create the right templates. Using forms helps your organization standardize information logging and helps operators in their work by guiding them on exactly what information to capture by providing a format to record their finding. The forms also allow for powerful reporting options.

Integrated Digital Procedures Feature

Digital Procedures supports shift teams to have unique approaches for capturing field observations, previously based on legacy forms that were used in their paper-based workflows or based on general working preferences.

Conditional Forms

Dynamically display the relevant steps of the procedure to your field operator, based on his answers to previous questions and measurement thresholds.

Dropdown Selections

With a single click, operators can easily select the options they need from convenient dropdown lists, without having to hard-type a selection. Being presented with standard choices cuts time, helping operators to avoid errors and inconsistencies.

Top-Level Displays

Data fields are immediately displayed in the logbook and handover views, displaying information at a glance, without having to dig for it in the user interface.

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