Cumulative Risk Heat Map Software

Even on the smallest of operational facilities it can become difficult to maintain an overview of what work is going on and where. On a daily basis, several permits, MOCs, deviations and backlog maintenance can be active at the same time and can have an overlap in the same area, which can mean that although the individual risk of the job/task may be low the cumulative risk is higher in the area.

Integrated Cumulative Risk Heat Map Feature

Viewing cumulative risk, derived from a dynamic barrier management system on Site Graphics, will greatly enhance controlling work as the site overview can be used to pinpoint exact workplaces and cumulative risk status. Conflict detection measures and site protocols built into this tool all work well for Supervisors when discussing and authorizing work, reducing risk of human error and thus potential accidents on site.

Multiple Views

Cumulative Risk Heat Map in combination with Site Graphics allows multiple views, from enterprise/global to per-asset and down to the work location. It gives direct insight into barrier health.

Barrier Health Insight

Direct insight in barrier health, and highlights areas for which attention is required. Clicking on the location will show the cumulative risk and the health status of the different barriers of all assets in this area.

Risk-based decision making

Integrated with Permit To Work, permits, isolations and other certificates are visible on the Site Graphics. Risk-based decision making based on an integrated view of cumulative risk status and actual and planned work.

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