Barrier Visualization Software

Barrier Visualization provides you an overview of how your barrier categories are functioning. Collect relevant barrier data from all kinds of sources and connect this data to a standardized barrier model. It allows you to drill down into the underlying data to understand the reasons why they are degraded, and to take the required action.

Integrated Barrier Visualization Application

Viewing all relevant data in single barrier overview allows you to immediately spot the at risk situations and conditions and to pinpoint what action needs to be taken to return to a safe state. By feeding the Barrier Visualization into the Site Graphics, this
information is brought also to the location where it matters most: the front-line staff.

Increase Safety

Decrease incidents and accidents through awareness of Major Hazards and the barriers in place to manage them.


Monitor your assets through real-time graphical overviews with integrated conflict detection.

Easy configurable

Configure aggregation and risk rules, including thresholds, barrier types and risk ranges.

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Other Applications & Features within the Barrier Management Solution

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