Discover the Power of Mobility


Access Anywhere

Use Enablon in the field, easily access information and perform tasks from anywhere, at anytime, on any device


Increase Productivity

Automate activities and gain flexibility to save time and improve operational efficiency


Reduce Risks

Enable real-time communication, gain visibility on operations and improve reaction time

“ Mobile devices will fundamentally transform the way we manage Environment, Health and Safety. “

SPF Americas – Mobile Track Sessions

Mobile Solutions for Your Lines of Business

Protect Your People and Assets

Capture All Signals

  • Facilitate detection of incidents, near-misses and unsafe behaviors
  • Get a clearer view of incidents with pictures, videos, audio files and geolocalization
  • Suggest ideas for improvement and promote safe behaviors and practices
  • Detect signals within the noise to prevent unsafe situations from turning into catastrophes

Reactive and Preventative Safety

  • Escalate & notify in real-time to accelerate incident response and reduce or eliminate impact
  • Create contextual checklists & alerts for employees and contractors to communicate hazards and controls at workplace

Proactive Safety

  • Increase employees safety awareness with easy access to safety documentation and trainings
  • Grant employees access to up-to-date information anywhere, at anytime
  • Bolster a safety culture and engage your workforce in your safety journey
  • Produce and access employee safety reports and records instantly, at any time

Ensure Effective Compliance

Compliance Audits

  • Perform audits using internal or third party protocols directly in the field, online or offline
  • Document findings with pictures, videos, audio files and geolocalization
  • On-the-go access to audit guide notes and historical findings

Manage Inspections

  • Complete custom inspection checklists based on regulatory requirements, online or offline
  • Record inspection observations & comments
  • Publish inspections to the Enablon platform when back online

Monitor Performance Close to the Source

Performance Monitoring

  • Automate data collection, save time and improve data quality
  • Document questionnaires with pictures, videos & audio files
  • Access real-time information, identify critical issues affecting your business and prioritize initiatives
  • Manage performance metrics on-the-go and report on performance in one click
  • Measure real-time progress against business objectives with dashboards and reports notifications

Engage your Internal and External Stakeholders Anywhere

Publish Interactive Digital Communications

  • Automatically push your data from your Enablon Platform
  • Create any type of report: audit, incident, performance progress and many others
  • Save time with numerous ready-to-use templates based on the latest Sustainability, EHS & Risk Management standards and frameworks

Engage Internal and External Stakeholders

  • Identify relevant internal and external stakeholders and send them interactive digital communication on your performance
  • Publish private online reports to targeted groups of stakeholders, easily and securely accessible on the web from any device
  • Facilitate stakeholder engagement with interactive, mobile-ready and social-friendly functionalities

The Enablon Mobile Platform





Mobility In Sync

In Sync



Enablon mobile capabilities allow our customers to access the platform while on the go, without a computer or internet connection. The platform takes advantage of user location to deliver real-time information and help users manage their tasks. Incident Reporting, Inspections and Audits and much more can be done directly in the field, with or without a network connection.

With in sync capabilities, changes on the Enablon platform are automatically available on your mobile devices, ensuring a consistent user experience across devices.

Amazing Native Mobile Apps

Mobility Safety App

Enablon innovative and native mobile apps enable customers to go one step further and meet their advanced mobility use, such as enterprise data management, multi-media access and location awareness capabilities for a more contextual experience.

Meet the latest technology trends like “bring your own device” (BYOD); empower employees and contractors with secure mobile access and extend the use of the Enablon platform to reduce risks and maximize business performance.

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