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Enablon SD-CSR is the leading software solution for collecting, reporting and managing sustainable development information.


Numerous global companies facilitate and enhance their sustainable development and CSR performance reporting and management using Enablon SD-CSR.




Enablon SD-CSR is a comprehensive and integrated solution for meeting sustainable development requirements:








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Essential determinants of a company’s performance are the challenges which relate to sustainable development.


Non-financial criteria are now used by stakeholders (employees, investors, customers, suppliers, rating agencies and the media…) to analyze and compare companies.


The requirements for sustainable development data have become progressively more demanding in terms of their degree of transparency, reliability and their ability to be audited.


This being so, a company's capacity to manage and report on their sustainable development performance plays an integral role in the management of their risk and enhancement of operational performance.


Enablon SD-CSR meets companies' reporting, monitoring and tracking needs in order to enhancing their sustainable development and CSR performance.

As a comprehensive, integrated, web-based solution, Enablon SD-CSR offers the following features:


  • Data collection
  • Consolidation
  • Reporting
  • Management


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Simplified reporting and lower costs

Sustainable Development reporting processes take up time, resources and energy not only at the management level but also throughout companies’ various operational units.


Enablon SD-CSR offers the following benefits:


  • Simplified data collection
  • Lower reporting costs in terms of human and financial resources
  • Automated report production
  • More time available for the priority task completion


The SD-CSR solution administration modules enable companies to automate data collection and consolidate processes, therefore reducing the human and financial costs of reporting.


Alexandre Duthoit, head of Social Data for the Total Group, states: "More than any other existing tools, the Enablon SD-CSR solution allows team work to be doubled. My job is not to count employees but to analyze the changes which take place."

Increased informational credibility and reliability

Whether demonstrated through presented risks or created opportunities, sustainable development performance represents strategic importance to companies.


Enablon SD-CSR offers the following benefits:


  • Increased reliability in reporting
  • Rapid availability
  • Simplified auditing
  • Credibility


More than ever, sustainable development reporting data must be reliable, auditable and rapidly available.


Traditional information systems (Excel, financial reporting and consolidation tools, etc.) are not equiped with the necessary tools to execute successful and thorough sustainable development reporting. They are exceedingly quantitative and lack flexibility, therefore resulting in inconsistent and superficial reporting.


Enablon SD-CSR is specifically designed to meet sustainable development reporting and management challenges. The simplified and enhanced reporting processes allow for more reliable data collection, increasing sustainable development data credibility.


By using Enablon SD-CRS, companies are able to respond to stakeholder concerns, supervise management processes and ensure a greater ability to audit in their sustainable development reports.

Personalized Communications shaped by stakeholders

Each company stakeholder (non-financial ratings agencies, SRI funds, financial communities, employees, suppliers, customers and NGOs) possesses specific CSR data requirements.


Enablon SD-CSR offers the following benefits:


  • Automated information segmentation
  • Enables reporting to be customized to stakeholders' needs
  • Facilitates structured and informed dialogue


Enablon SD-CSR allows companies to research and identify stakeholder's requirements and tailor their responses accordingly.


As a result, companies enjoy more direct and informative reporting in addition to effective and controlled discourse between involved parties.

Enhanced CSR monitoring and management

The environmental and social impact of a company's business involves legal, financial, and reputational risks. These risks, in turn, affect the company's prospects for value and growth.


Enablon SD-CSR offers the following benefits:


  • Identifying and sharing best practices
  • Target-setting and monitoring of progress targets
  • Assessment of compliance
  • Enhanced sustainable development performance
  • Identifying and reducing risks
  • Thorough and in-depth performance view
  • Simplified overall operations monitoring


Enablon SD-CSR allows for continuous, real-time management of sustainable development performance throughout the different levels of a company's organizational structure.

Why choose Enablon's SD-CSR solution?

  • Enablon SD-CSR is a benchmark solution and the world's most used sustainable development solution.


  • Deployed in more than 120 countries, the solution Enablon SD-CSR is used by the world's leading companies in all sectors.


  • Drawing on the best practices of numerous pioneering companies, Enablon SD-CSR offers an unrivaled range of cutting edge technology features.


  • Enablon SD-CSR has been ergonomically tried and tested by tens of thousands of users and is very easy to use and administer.


  • An unmatched business solution, Enablon SD-CSR can accommodate numerous modules as well as environmental, social and economic business solutions.


  • With several hundred projects to their credit, the Enablon teams offer proven expertise in sustainable development project implementation and support.


  • Enablon's flexible technology offers companies a solution which is suited to their specific needs and processes and can be rapidly implemented with a simple configuration change.


  • Enablon's secure web architecture ensures that the solution can be accessed anytime anywhere.

Accredited and Certified Software Solutions

Enablon solutions are accredited and certified by the Carbon Disclosure Project and the Global Reporting Initiative:

Carbon Disclosure Project

Global Reporting Initiative

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