Sustainable Supply Chain

Enablon Sustainable Supply Chain Solutions help companies and industry-wide initiatives to improve environmental and social performance, reduce reputational and financial risks and attain sustainability throughout the entire supply chain.

Sustainable Supply Chain Systems

Enablon RSC – Responsible Supply Chain

Enablon RSC is a software solution which enables companies to assess their supplier's social and environmental compliance and in the process reduce their risk and improve their sustainability. Enablon RSC solution offers companies a real time view on their supply chains’ performance and level of compliance according to social, environmental, ethical and safety standards (SA 8000, ILO convention, internal codes of conduct and ethical charters…).


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Enablon GXP – Global Exchange Platforms

Enablon provides industry-wide initiatives collaborative platforms designed to assess, audit and test processes efficiency and products compliance internally or throughout the whole supply chain. Many industries and initiatives use Enablon GXP (Global Exchange Platforms) including: the Fair Labor Association for the textile industry, Supplier Ethical Data Exchange (SEDEX) for the food and retail industry, Transparency International across all industries.


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