Enablon CA

Enablon CA – Continuous Assessment is a control management and monitoring solution designed to fulfill the specific needs of internal control in financial institutions.


Companies can enhance their control efficiency with Enablon CA and comply with regulations such as Basel II, Solvency II, etc..


Recent banking regulations (e.g. Basel II framework) have prompted banking institutions to organize and enhance their internal control systems.


This optimization includes organizational changes that create a formal distinction between periodic and permanent control responsibilities. From an organizational point of view, this leads to the creation of new departments and new functions, including that of compliance manager.


Compliance with these new banking laws is both a strategic and a legal issue. A company's ability to effectively manage controls ensures financial transparency and greater risk management.


In this context, IT tools are essential for handling the large volumes of controls that must be monitored and administered.


Enablon CA meets all the management and monitoring needs of a banking institution's entire control assessment cycle. Enablon CA is a comprehensive and integrated full-web solution that allows these institutions to automate and centralize the management of all assessment processes.


Enablon CA offers the following functionalities:


  • Access to control assessment and self-assessment questionnaires
  • Consolidation of assessment and self-assessment results
  • Identification and notification of flaws and anomalies
  • Management of anomaly correction plans


Better monitoring and a greater degree of internal control

Effective internal control assessment enables companies to determine how thorough their controls are and thereby reduce risk through:


  • A thorough and in-depth view of the status of controls at all management levels
  • Consolidated statements that provide a factual basis for internal control reports
  • Smoother interaction between operational teams, internal auditors, and risk managers

More reliable internal control system

Enablon CA allows companies to make their internal control system more reliable through:


  • Personalized assessments according to specific profiles and functions
  • Tracking of all data input and modifications
  • Integrated data validation workflow
  • Audit testing functions that facilitate data verification

Simplification of assessment process and lower costs

Enablon CA simplifies and lowers the cost of regulatory compliance requirements, at both the corporate and branch levels.


  • Automation of information collection and consolidation processes
  • Standardization of controls and assessment methods

Why choose the Enablon CA solution?

Enablon CA allows for more reliable and robust internal control systems for banking institutions.


  • Enablon CA enables companies to identify, process, and monitor the controls that need improvement.


  • Enablon CA facilitates the production of internal control reports.


  • Enablon CA is a benchmark solution for internal control management in banking institutions.


  • Drawing on the expertise of numerous companies, the Enablon CA solution offers a wide range of functionalities.


  • The solution has been ergonomically tested by tens of thousands of users and is very easy to use and administer.


  • With several hundred projects to their credit, the Enablon teams can offer you proven expertise in the implementation and support of nonfinancial management projects.


  • Enablon's flexible technology offers companies a solution that is suited to their specific needs and processes and can be rapidly implemented with a simple configuration change.


  • Enablon's secure web architecture ensures that the solution can be accessed anywhere, anytime.

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