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Enablon is the leader in Sustainability Performance Management Software with solutions for Corporate Responsibility, Energy & Carbon Management, QEHS Performance and Governance, Risk & Compliance.

Enabling the Sustainable Company

Enablon offers integrated software solutions and on-demand services to address:


  • Corporate Responsibility
  • Sustainable Supply Chain
  • Energy and Carbon Management
  • QEHS Performance Management
  • Risk Management and Internal Control
  • Corporate Governance and Legal Management


Corporate Responsibility

Enablon offers the most comprehensive software suite for Corporate Responsibility on the market with:


Sustainable Supply Chain

Enablon offers the most comprehensive software suite for Sustainable Supply Chain on the market with:


Energy & Carbon Management

Enablon offers one of the world’s most complete, flexible and user-friendly Energy and Carbon management software suite on the market with:


QEHS Management

Enablon offers a comprehensive and integrated software suite for Quality, Environmental, Health & Safety reporting and management with:


Enterprise Risk Management & Internal Control

Enablon is a specialist in risk management and a recognized internal control solutions leader. Our offering is one of the most comprehensive on the market and includes:


  • Enablon IC: Internal control and compliance management
  • Enablon CA: Internal control management for banking institutions
  • Enablon RM: Risk assessment and management
  • Enablon IA: Automation and monitoring of internal audit activities
  • Enablon BCM: Business continuity management

Corporate Governance & Legal Management

Enablon has developed an integrated corporate governance and legal management suite which aides companies in ensuring regulatory compliance while reliably managing and monitoring legal activities at a lower cost. The suite includes the following applications:


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