Enablon SD-QEHS

Enablon SD-QEHS is one of the world's leading quality, environmental, health & safety reporting and management software solutions.


Global companies use Enablon SD-QEHS to meet compliance requirements, improve QEHS performance and reduce environmental risks.




Enablon SD-QEHS is a comprehensive and integrated solution designed to meet a company's QEHS management needs throughout all levels of the organization.








Why choose Enablon?




The environmental impact of a company's business involves legal and financial risks, as well as the risk of damaging the company's image and reputation. These risks in turn affect the company's value and its business model.


A growing number of QEHS management tools and processes often makes it difficult for companies to obtain a consolidated view of performance.


Companies need standardized, user-friendly, and comprehensive tools to handle the increasingly strategic challenges of QEHS.


Enablon SD-QEHS meets companies' needs for reporting, managing and monitoring regulatory compliance.


As a comprehensive and integrated full-web solution, Enablon SD-QEHS is based on the Enablon SD technological infrastructure and offers the following core functionalities:


  • Data collection
  • Consolidation
  • Reporting
  • Management


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Simplified reporting and lower costs

Reporting and management processes take up time, resources and energy, both for management and the company's different operational units.


Enablon SD-QEHS offers the following benefits:


  • Simplified data collection
  • Lower reporting costs in terms of human and financial resources
  • Automated production of reports
  • Allows teams to concentrate on tasks with higher added value


Through its administration modules, the SD-QEHS solution enables companies to automate data collection and consolidation processes, thereby reducing the human and financial costs of reporting.

Greater reliability and credibility of information

QEHS performance has a major impact on a company's overall performance.


Companies therefore need QEHS data to be reliable, auditable, and readily available.


Traditional information systems (Excel, financial reporting and consolidation tools, local environment management systems, etc.) are not suited to the specific needs of QEHS reporting and management. They lack flexibility and rarely combine reporting and performance management functionalities.


Enablon SD-QEHS, which is designed to meet the challenges of QEHS reporting and management, simplifies and enhances reporting processes and allows for more reliable data collection.


Enablon SD-QEHS offers the following benefits:


  • More reliable reporting
  • Faster availability
  • Easier auditing
  • Greater credibility


Using the solution enables companies to:


  • Make their management processes more dynamic
  • Respond more quickly and economically to the requirements of stakeholders concerned with QEHS performance
  • Have QEHS reporting audited and certified

Regulatory compliance

Faced with the increasingly international nature of business and with ever stricter QEHS regulations, companies are finding compliance requirements more and more complex and difficult to control.


Enablon SD-QEHS offers the following benefits:


  • Expanded access to legal documents and procedures
  • Facilitated regulatory reporting
  • Facilitated response to local authorities' requirements
  • Real-time tracking of site compliance


Enablon's solution allows companies to reduce the risks of regulatory noncompliance at corporate, business unit, and facility levels.

Improvement in performance management

Enablon is a true QEHS management solution that offers the following benefits:


  • Identification and sharing of best practices
  • Target setting and monitoring of progress targets
  • Compliance assessment
  • Enhanced performance
  • Identification and reduction of risks
  • Thorough and in-depth view of performances
  • Simplified monitoring on a consolidated basis


Enablon SD-QEHS allows for continuous and real-time performance management throughout all levels of the organization.


"Generally speaking, the applications presented to us were too restricted to either reporting or operational management but none was a global solution like Enablon."

  Eric Vandeginste,

in charge of EHS Reporting, Saint-Gobain

Why choose Enablon's SD-QEHS solution?

  • Based on the Enablon SD technological infrastructure, Enablon SD-QEHS is the world's most used sustainable development solution.


  • Deployed in more than 120 countries, the solution is used by the world's leading companies in all sectors.


  • Capitalizing on the best practices of numerous companies, Enablon SD-QEHS offers an unmatched range of functionalities.


  • The solution has been ergonomically tested by tens of thousands of users and is very easy to use and administer.


  • An unmatched business solution, Enablon SD-QEHS can accommodate numerous QEHS modules.


  • With several hundred projects to their credit, the Enablon teams offer proven expertise in the implementation and support of sustainable development projects.


  • Enablon's flexible technology offers companies a solution that is suited to their specific needs and processes and can be rapidly implemented with a simple configuration change.


  • Enablon's secure web architecture ensures that the solution can be accessed anywhere, anytime.

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