Litigation Management Software

Companies must deal with all types of litigation on a daily basis. Inefficient monitoring of litigation within the company can lead to considerable financial penalties and risks. It is therefore essential for companies to have robust litigation-management tools and processes.

The Enablon Litigation Management software solution covers the entire litigation management cycle.

Lower litigation processing costs

Comprehensive overview of all litigation in real time

Assessment of the financial impact of litigation

Efficient information sharing

Greater security and confidentiality

Enablon’s Litigation Management software is a full-web solution for managing business, administrative, and tax litigation and related legal risks.

Enablon LM allows companies to manage litigation by identifying and tracking procedures, applications, fees, and provisions.

Enablon’s solution offers the following functionalities:

  • Centralized database containing all litigation information, including all archives for each case
  • Automated management of litigation processes with step-by-step process monitoring and notification alerts
  • Assessment of impact, provisions, risk areas, etc. Precise information such as financial risks (e.g. litigants’ claims) is available for all litigation types
  • Reporting and dashboards that provide companies with an instantly available overview of all litigation and claims
  • Multi-criteria natural language search facility enabling advanced searches (e.g. list of all cases with a financial risk above a certain amount, currently in litigation, in a particular country)
  • Monitoring of litigation processing costs and fees

The Enablon Difference

  • The most comprehensive platform for Sustainability, EHS and Risk Management
  • Used by more than 1 million users in 160 countries across all industries
  • Recognized by industry analysts across all product areas
  • Accessible anywhere, anytime on laptops, tablets and smartphones
  • A complete range of usage options, from SaaS to hosted and on-premises
  • A flexible technology which can be tailored to each company’s processes and organization
  • A global network of partners providing consulting, services, content and technology