Corporate Responsibility

Enablon is the world's leading provider of Corporate Responsibility software solutions.


Global firms are using Enablon's Corporate Responsibility solutions to improve the reporting and management of their environmental and social performance, and to meet their CSR challenges.


“Enablon is positioned as a leader in the Sustainability Management Software Market due to the breadth and quality of functionalities and a strong momentum”

  Samantha Price

Green Quadrant Environmental Management Software Report, VERDANTIX

The Enablon CSR Suite provides the most complete Corporate Responsibility offering on the market with solutions for: sustainability reporting, social reporting, initiatives and donations management, suppliers’ environmental and social compliance assessment, ethical sourcing, and anti-bribery programs management.

Accredited and Certified Software Solutions

Enablon solutions are accredited and certified by the Carbon Disclosure Project and the Global Reporting Initiative:

Carbon Disclosure Project

Global Reporting Initiative

Enablon CSR Suite

Enablon SD-CSR - Corporate Social Responsibility

Enablon’s pioneering SD-CSR is a leading software solution for the collection, reporting and management of sustainable development information.


Global firms use Enablon SD-CSR to facilitate and enhance their sustainable development performance reporting and management.


More information about Enablon SD-CSR

Enablon SRM – Stakeholders Relationship Management

Enablon SRM is a stakeholder relationship management and materiality analysis software solution.


Enablon SRM is a software solution that enables companies to identify and prioritize stakeholder–related challenges and demands in order to meet ever mounting expectations.


More information about Enablon SRM

Enablon IDM - Initiatives & Donations Management

Enablon Initiatives & Donations Management is a solution designed to help companies assess, report and manage their corporate community involvement.


More information about Enablon IDM

Enablon SD-SR – Social Reporting

Enablon SD-SR is a leading software solution for collecting, reporting, and managing social data.


The world's leading companies use Enablon SD-SR to facilitate their social reporting and enhance their human resources management.


More information about Enablon SD-SR

Enablon ABS - Anti-Bribery Solution

Enablon joins forces with Transparency International, the global coalition against corruption, to create a unique anti-bribery software solution.


Enablon ABS enables companies to effectively implement, manage and track anti-bribery programmes.


More information about Enablon ABS

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